March 8, 2010

oh goodness.
First presentation at 1 p.m.!

My mom gave me the best advice ever on my story when I showed her my page:

멋있는 작품을 만들었네,
의미가 너무 많이 강조되니 일반 사람들이 느끼기에 좀 무겁다.
좀 부드러운 톤을 쓰면 어떨까?

You made cool work. (멋=cool…?)
The meaning is emphasized too much, so it might be too heavy to feel for ordinary people.
How about a softer tone?

oh my 엄마 ❤


One Response to “Presentation…”

  1. really awesome advice there, from what I saw of your presentation, you’ll hit this one out of the park…or at least get a three base hit…which is practically hitting it out of the park anyway.

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