Chapter I Progress

March 14, 2010

My first story is about my mom.
The preview picture is below.
It came out dark…
I can’t evade it being personal, so I won’t try to hide that.

What I’m learning-
Work flow: Thankfully it’s spring break.
More time, yes. But I am noticing that I cannot carry on a habitual cycle. I work as ideas come and I am eager to complete the project as soon as I can get myself going, but this comes at the cost of neglecting projects for other classes.

Rendering: Along with tweaking, the waiting game seems to take the longest. Sometimes I have to export things twice. Preserving quality by elongating time… Is there no other way? Then edit, edit, edit.

Storage space: With .aep ,mov, and soon maya files, space will become quite bogged. HD 1080 is already massive. Adding alpha channel value to that makes the gigs climb.
This slows me down a lot.


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