Final Presentation

May 9, 2010

My presentation was on Weds.
I went first because I had to take my art history test at two. I was really nervous, but since I was shaking for a bit after I was done, I was glad to have some time before having to start my final exam.

Both seemed to have went well for being such a horrible combination without too much time in between.
Overall critique-
More connection, how will there be a story if it will be all edited later? Can you really stick to your schedule? Be aware of the final deadline, do audio early. Rerecord your voice.
But I like it raw(Liubo saved my ass…), it’s …interesting, perverse?…. Proust, Nicholson Baker.

I appreciated that all professors had something to say, though to be honest I can’t remember too much because of my exam that followed. I was just glad to be on schedule for my project.

The consistent fear of my work not being good enough is alive and kicking.
I feel like the look of it will be changing over summer.
Stylistic exploration in other classes contributed to it.
But, I am sticking to my theme.
Overall, it seems like our year is on a solid track. Let’s see how it all goes.

I just like this movie clip. Took the shortest time to do in comparison to the falling cubes, but my favorite so far.


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